Top Innovations To Improve Your Whole Body Health

Top Innovations To Improve Your Whole Body Health

If you are the type of person who cares about their whole body health & appearance, then you are like most people who research what's new.  You also know that your appearance is not just about snagging a date or impressing someone.  There is dignity in knowing you look and feel good.  Sometimes, there is a small area that requires a touch up.  As you know, your body requires upkeep and maintenance to be the best.  There are two types of people in this world.  People who have the sophistication to know living the best life requires prevention, repairs, and upkeep, and those who do not. The good news is, there are many new options for you to consider that do not require any surgery.

Weight Management- Weight Loss, Nutrition Counselling, Nutrient Vitality Boosts

Just like most people, you value having the energy and vitality to get up and enjoy life.  You want to feel like a rock-star when you wake up, not like a sluggish bolder who can't roll out of bed. You also know it takes commitment and we offer you guidance when you hit a pitfall.

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Body Shaping- Body Contouring, Cellulite, Fat Destruction

You can have procedures that are close to painless and then go back to work the same day.  For example, with UltraShape Power, you can even hit your gym class the same night.  Want to get rid of dimpled skin and cellulite? The doctor will treat you with VelaShape III.  We also use Lipo-dissolve therapy to melt down small areas of fat.

Scars and Stretch Marks- Whole Body Health

Just imagine your life without those pesky little lines of skin battles that pop up after being over-stretched or traumatized.  Sure, there are some people who don't have these issues.  But, what if you are one of the many people who get them and suffer from embarrassment and hide them in shame?  Sure, there's nothing wrong with having them, but what if they make you feel self-conscious? If you could get rid of them, would you? We help treat scars with the Aerolase and the Fractora.  Both have the added benefit of tightening loose skin. Best of all, Fractora works deep to heal skin to repair stretch marks.

Intimate Wellness and Sexual Health

The pinnacle of whole body health includes the ability to have safe, healthy, and enjoyable sex.  Let's keep it simple.  If your pelvic area is under distress, then you are too.  You have to be told the truth and that is, you are not separate from your pelvic organs.  Therefore, give this area of your body proper and appropriate attention if you haven't been.  For women, we treat the host of problems you may have with a multi-pronged approach to get you feeling confident and sexy again.  We use the VOTIVA system since it is supreme and unsurpassed in women's health.  For men, it isn't always about popping a pill or getting more testosterone to make all of your problems disappear.  So, we help you with everything you need to feel like a champ again.  And yes, we have the OShot and the PShot too!

We want to go above and beyond, taking the time that is necessary to treat you as a whole person and not just a procedure.