Vitality Boost™ Therapy

Vitality Boost™ Therapy is delivered through a simple injection to aid in illness prevention or recovery, assist in athletic performance or recovery, or offer a boost to health and beauty goals by delivering vital nutrients, vitamins, and medicine.

Elite Members are entitled to three Vitality Boost™ Therapy visits per month, plus the cost of each injection.


Soothe:  Toradol

Detox:  Glutathione

Calm:  GABA

Wellness:  B Complex

Relief:  Zofran

Refresh:  B12

Strength:  Vitamin D

Stress:  Magnesium

Healing:  L-Lysine

Beauty:  Trace Minerals

Depression:  Vitamin B9


Vitality Boost™ Therapy is monitored by a physician

and administered by our staff.