Weekly office visits help to keep you motivated, figure out solutions to roadblocks, and monitor your progress.

The best long-term weight results are maintained when you are able to monitor gains and losses once a week.  This will allow you to identify your successes and pitfalls to adjust rapidly.

Initially, expect to come into the office for weight checks and body measurements.

We not only have you step on a scale, but we also measure key areas of your body to track your body contouring.

These areas include, but are not limited to your chest, waist, hips, thighs, and arms.

It is best to wear the same underwear and bra(for women) at each weekly visit to ensure the measurement changes are accurately assessed.

People tend to be afraid of these visits (especially for weight loss) because the scale in the medical office seems to make their weight loss efforts seem less valiant.

It is key to remember that often people weight themselves at home, first thing in the morning, before eating any breakfast or drinking any water.  A great deal of water loss occurs overnight with the simple process of breathing and if it happened to be a hot night, some sweating may also occur.

Continue to stay positive and looking forward.  If the scale shows some stagnation, progress is likely still occurring and will be reflected in the body measurements and your overall health improvement.  The journey is about forming great habits that will stick so they become second nature. Another important piece to remember, is that with time as you lose weight, your body will also adjust and may slow metabolism down if it senses starvation which is a natural response.  These sticky moments are what the office visits can help you work through and keep discouragement at bay.