Anti Aging: Stop the Drop Before It Happens

Anti Aging- FRACTORA

Stop the Drop BEFORE it happens.

To begin, anti aging advances provide more options to reverse and prevent some of the effects of aging.  The key element for vital and youthful skin is collagen – both levels and quality. Good skin has a lot of quality collagen, is smooth, and plump. All hallmarks of youth and health.

Anti AgingCollagen Starts Off Running and Slows to a Crawl

Savvy patients realize the key to looking youthful is taking steps to PREVENT the noticeable progression of aging from collagen loss and related volume loss.

Collagen production in your skin slows very early.  In fact, new collagen production takes a dive in your 20’s! What’s going on “beneath” is often not seen until there is substantial collagen loss.

Once you SEE sagging, it demands a fairly rigorous “catch up” program. Just as you’d not not skip maintaining your car until you had an obvious problem, maintaining collagen levels all along is a smart investment in how you will look long-term.

Fractora as a Preventive Measure

When Fractora was first introduced, the sole purpose was to correct problems in patients who were past middle age – after they had already occurred.  After it was in use, the same procedure worked very well in preventing collagen-loss problems in the first place.

Fractora’s noninvasive application of radio frequency energy works on two levels

• Tightens Existing Collagen
• Activates New Collagen Production

Collagen that has begun to weaken gets a heat boost that shrinks and tightens. “Sleepy” collagen-making cells get a wake up call and go back to work. Over a 6 month period, those new collagen strands provide a tighter skin wrapping.

Finally, to keep the positive prevention cycle active, periodic re-treatment is best. This keeps you looking more like the version of yourself you prefer.

Collagen Creation Options

Collagen creation is such a key to anti aging, there are increasing treatment develops to achieve that goal.

  • Red Light uses a gentle light to boost skin cells to repair. A series treatment, Red Light Therapy is the highest comfort procedure for anti aging and new, tight, younger collagen.
  • Microneedling utilizes tiny needle bundles to activate the skin’s response. Microneedling is usually combined with Platelet Rich Plasma to bolster response.
  • RF Microneedling (FractoraV), though used more for more obvious skin damage or scarring, adds Radio Frequency heat.
  • Rainburst™ Microneedle delivers a cocktail of skin nourishing serums (and sometimes wrinkle softeners) to smooth the skin and trigger collagen response (though on a gentle level.).
  • Sculptra is a bio stimulator and induces new collagen in the skin – an ideal global option for facial re-contouring.

Anti Aging

Lifting Options

  • Nova Threads are absorbable suture threads placed in the skin to re-position tissue.
  • Voluma and Restylane products such as Defyne or Restylane Lyft provide lift through volume with fillers.

Prevention Plus

Ultimately, to get an effective prevention and maintenance program, combine treatments . In addition to heat induction to maintain collagen generation, you also need to protect and nourish your skin.

1. Protect your skin with sunscreens and sun blocks. These prevent UV damage that causes wrinkling, loss of elasticity and skin discoloration.
2. Nourish your skin by sticking to a healthy diet and using appropriate products that can keep your skin supple, clear, smooth and translucent.  A well-stocked skin care arsenal will include a retinoid or retinol, products with Vitamin C and products with epidermal growth factors.

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