Acne and Skin Care



Acne and Skin Care treatments are designed to address skin changes that result in the body’s  automatic response to internal and external influences.  Skin changes occur when hormonal shifts occur. As a result, this can cause an overproduction of oil and cells inside a skin follicle.   While skin changes are noticeable on the surface, it is the biological traffic jam that causes inflammation, blocking the pores from functioning correctly.

Acne affects over 80% of adolescents and many adults.  In response to an acne flare, people search for available over-the-counter treatments to help.  Often, available treatments for acne are slow and irritate the skin and may not control the acne.  For fear that their skin will get worse, some seek treatment with the use of medications that can lead to resistance (antibiotics) or severe side effects (oral isotretinoin).  Sometimes, women may use hormone replacement to help, but this may not be appropriate for some.

These conditions can be embarrassing at any age but rest assured, acne and skin changes can be controlled with medical treatment.  The physician will perform a medical examination, comprehensive lab tests, and skin typing.  Your skin condition is documented and based on the examination and lab results, your treatment plan will begin.

We can help you get smooth, blemish-free, and luminous skin.  Our treatment plans take a combination approach.  Typically, we we use a prescription vitamin A and combine it with chemical peels, micro-needling, and light therapies that kill bacteria.  In addition, we may use laser treatments.   But, there are so many options available based on research.  Because  skin issues have many causes, it is complex.  In other words, there is no one solution as many claim.  As a result, we offer the newest treatment modalities so our patients can get clear skin.


Advanced Skin Treatment plans are available.


We also treat:


Dry Skin / Dry Lips

Rough skin

Oily Skin

Seborrheic Dermatitis / Dandruff

Eczema / Psoriasis

Sensitive Skin

Sun Damaged Skin

Discolorations (Rosacea)

Pigmentation Concerns

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