Primary Care Doctor


I'm not sure if this is for you but, Elite Membership is a great choice that assures member access to their own private Primary Care doctor.  If you are like most people in the health system, you have been seen by what seems like everyone else but the doctor.  In contrast to nurses or physician assistants, the doctor will see members for regular office visits and same-day appointments*. Since you have tried health the way the system has set it up, keep an open mind and consider membership medicine.

Here's Why You Need a Primary Care Doctor Practicing Membership Medicine

Uniquely, this program works well for people with chronic health conditions . Likewise, the membership works for informed people looking for more exclusive healthcare that goes above-and-beyond the norm. Lastly, we provide exclusive benefits to our Elite Memberships.  See the details below.


Primary Care Membership Services

The annual subscription costs $1188 per year or about $99 per month.

Direct Access, & Individualized Care

Urgent Care Services

Same-Day Appointments*

No wait time beyond 15 minutes

3 Regular Office visits per month

3 Vitality Boost™ Therapy visits per month

Annual Physical and Wellness Evaluation

Comprehensive Life Risk Assessment™

Coordination of Care™

Travel Medicine

No Insurance, No Co-pays Required

24-hr Elite Member Portal™

Unlimited access to Health & Beauty Plans


Vitality Boost™ Therapy

Vitality Boost™ Therapy is delivered through a simple injection to aid in illness prevention or recovery.  The medicine can assist in athletic performance or recovery.

In addition, they can offer a boost to health and beauty goals.  Most importantly, they work by delivering vital nutrients, vitamins, and medicine.

Because we want to promote vitality, Elite Members can get three Vitality Boost™ Therapy visits per month.

Vitality Boost™ Therapy injections start at $9 each.


Soothe:  Medicine that is designed to ease pain.

Detox:  Amino acids that can help the body with organ and cell function.

Calm:  Amino acid blend to help calm your nerves to feel at peace.

Wellness:  Vitamin B blend that helps improve overall sense of well-being

Relief:  Medication that helps ease nausea and upset stomach.

Refresh:  Vitamin B 12 to help with energy and build up blood cells.

Immunity:  Vitamin C to help your body recover from illness.

Strength:  Amino acids that aid in muscle recovery and improve circulation

Stress:  Vitamins that help nerves and muscles relax

Healing:  Amino Acid that may help with skin healing.

Beauty:  Trace Minerals that help the skin create collagen for vibrant skin .

Depression:  Vitamin B9 that can help w


Vitality Boost™ Therapy is monitored by a physician

and administered by our staff.