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Elite Membership assures member access to their own private physician for regular office visits, same-day appointments*, remote appointments, same-day laboratory tests, annual check-ups and wellness exam, prescriptions, and Vitality Boost™ Therapy.

We offer an annual member program that can be billed monthly.

Elite Membership

Since the number of Elite Memberships are limited to a few hundred patients per physician, we are able to provide exclusive benefits:

Direct Access, & Individualized Care

Urgent Care Services

Same-Day Appointments*

No wait time beyond 15 minutes

3 Regular Office visits per month

3 Vitality Boost™ Therapy visits per month

Annual Physical and Wellness Evaluation

Comprehensive Life Risk Assessment™

Coordination of Care™

Travel Medicine

No Insurance, No Co-pays Required

24-hr access to Elite Member Portal™

2 cosmetic Cashmere Glow laser facial treatments

15 % discount on Specialty Health & Beauty Treatments

View Chronic Conditions We Treat


Pricing is $1,188 for one year.  If you prefer to pay monthly, it requires a $200 initial visit fee and a 12 month commitment.  You will be charged the monthly fee of $99 the following month for the full 12 months.


Weight Loss and Nutrition


Weight Loss and Nutrition




Physician Supervised Certified Medical Weight Loss Includes:

Detailed Food and Body Image Relationship History

Screening for Metabolic Disorders

Meal Planning & Support

Weekly Weigh-Ins

Body Contour Monitoring

Body Composition Analysis

HCG 500 Calorie Diet

Phentermine Appetite Suppressant

Counselling and Road-Block Navigation

Nutrient Supplementation

Motivational Interviewing

Post-Treatment Nutrition Instruction

Exercise Prescriptions

Lipolysis Boost Injections


Treatment Plans

Pricing is as low as $99 per week, plus additional prescriptions or injections.

Four weeks minimum required for effective results.

Acne and Skin Therapies


Acne and Skin Therapies





Acne Control & Skin Revitalization Can Be Treated With Combinations of:

Prescription Antibiotics

Anti-Androgen Medications to Control Hormones

Prescription Retinoids (Vitamin A Derivatives)

Chemical Peels


Non-UV Light Therapy

Diet and Nutrition Counseling

Life-Style Modifications

Injection Steroids for Severe Lesions

Prescribed Cosmetic Skin Regimens

Cosmetic Laser Therapies

Non-UV light therapies


Treatment Plans

Pricing is as low as $250 per month, plus medicine, prescriptions, or injections.

Four months minimum requirement for effective results.

Hormone Balancing

Hormone Balancing


Hormone Balancing for Women & Men Can Include the Following:

Comprehensive Saliva or Serum Lab Testing

Using a "Test/ Prescribe/ Re-Test" Approach for Personalized Accuracy

Prescription Bio-Identical Hormone Formulations

Inject-able Hormones

Hormone Pellet Placement for Long Term Control

Lifestyle & Nutrition Modifications


Treatment plans

Plans are as priced as follows: (A minimum treatment program is 3 months. Testing is included)

Basic:  $375/month

Intermediate: $439/month

Comprehensive: $480/month



Preventive Aesthetics


Preventive Aesthetics




We specialize in Injection Wrinkle Softeners to remove forehead, frown lines, and wrinkles around the eyes to give you the Aesthetic appearance you desire.




We offer facial fillers to plump unsupported skin.







For the progressive person who want to look and feel their absolute best, we offer special services.

MESOTHERAPY (Lipo-Dissolve)


PRP (PLATELET-RICH-PLASMA) for Face, Neck, Décolletage, Hands


Treatment Plans

Pricing is as low as $100 per treatment.

Hair Restoration


Hair Restoration Treatment






Medical Hair Loss Therapies Can Help Restore Thinning and Dormant Hair. The BEST Way To Manage Hair Loss is With a Multi-Targeted Approach.


Medicated Scalp Formulations

Anti-DHT Medications

Non-UV Light Therapies

(PRP) Platelet-Rich-Plasma Stem Cell Therapy

Nutrient Optimization


Treatment plans are as low as $165 per month, plus medicine, prescriptions, or injections.

Three month minimum required for effective treatment and desired results.

Stress and Fatigue Recovery


Stress and Fatigue Recovery





Stress & Fatigue Recovery is Possible and Can be Addressed.

Comprehensive Saliva, Serum, Urine Testing

Motivational Interviewing

Lifestyle and Diet Modification

Analysis for Adrenal Fatigue

Screening for Metabolic Disorders

Nutrient Optimization

Herbal and Complimentary Therapies

Prescribed Sabbaticals & Nature Therapy

Working with Coaches, Therapists, & Other Healers


Treatment Plans

Pricing is as low as $375 per month, plus additional prescriptions or injections.

Three months minimum required for effective results.


Sexual Wellness


Sexual Wellness





Many Factors Can Be Addressed By Our Physician to Restore Sexual Function.  Adults of All Ages Can be Affected.  The Following Services Can Help You Achieve and Active & Satisfactory Sex Health.

Comprehensive Assessment to Determine Areas of Concern

Comprehensive Metabolic Testing

Comprehensive Hormone Testing

Comprehensive Neurotransmitter Testing

Sildenafil & Tadalafil Prescriptions

Herbal & Complimentary Therapies

Nutrient Optimization & Injections

Targeted Prescription Therapies to Increase Dopamine and Nor-epinephrine for Desire

Intra-vaginal & Intra- cavernous PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) Injections

Vaginal Remodeling to Tighten, Tone, Improve Tissue Elasticity, Vaginal Dryness, Urinary Incontinence, and Improve Sexual Sensation.

Working With Therapists, Coaches& Counselors

Life-Style and Dietary Modification

Weight-Loss Therapy


Treatment Plans

Pricing are as low as $165 per month, plus additional prescriptions or injections.

Two months minimum required for effective results.

HALE//hāl/ adjective: Free from defect, disease, or infirmity, also retaining exceptional health and vigor. synonyms: fit, well, in good health

Dr. Lá-Shaun Elliott of Hale Healthcare is conveniently located in beautiful Towne Lake and serves Metro Atlanta.  She specializes in Preventive Medicine and Anti-Aging Medicine.  In fact, Hale Healthcare is an optimal alternative to the typical patient encounter.  Most notably, when patients enter her practice, they are pleasantly surprised by the distinctive un-rushed and attentive Hale Healthcare experience. More importantly, they leave feeling even more listened to and cared for than ever before.  Another key point, we live and breathe Whole Body Health & Beauty.  Above all, our clients get one-one-one personalized care to extend and enhance their life and happiness.  We provide care that is directed by the patient-physician relationship and their personal goals.


Patients visit Hale Healthcare for many reasons, including their preventive care and total beauty needs. From annual checkups, same-day sick visits and immunizations to aesthetic services, like Botox ®, Juvéderm ® and laser hair removal, clients benefit from a complete spectrum of healthcare services. Clients can also receive weight loss and nutrition counseling, hormone balancing, acne and skincare therapies, treatment for sexual wellness and more.  Our practice meets your need for premium personalized attention.

One of the unique aspects of the clinic is the Elite Membership. This allows patients who are cost-savvy many privileges for basic primary care needs and more!  All of our patients have unparalleled access to their personal physician, receiving ultimate, individualized care that fits into modern life.

Ultimately, Hale Healthcare is your destination for Whole Body Health & Beauty.  Above all, here at Hale, we promote the power of healthy LIVING...FOR LIFE!








Hale Healthcare is a unique facility.  Yes, we are different.  That's because we are always looking to provide better care and service you are looking for.

Discover a new approach to health, wellness, and self-care.

Schedule a meet and greet with Dr. Elliott.

(678) 744-4253

We are conveniently located off I-575 Exit 8 on the corner of Towne Lake Pkwy. And North Medical Pkwy.

Our office hours: Monday-Thursday 8:30- 4:30

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