Dealing With Stress: A List of Positive and Negative Coping Strategies

Dealing With Stress: A List of Positive and Negative Coping Strategies

“Dear Stress, let’s break up.”

We all have a relationship with stress. Stress is an everyday part of our lives. Maybe that is the first step to gaining control over it.  Like a negative addiction, calling it out can lead to great changes in a more positive direction.  The spinning wheel of stress can cause a list of health conditions. Heart attack, stroke, depression, anxiety, more cold & flu, slower recovery, increased inflammation, and worsening of any current health conditions.

In addition, our favorite friend stress when left unchecked, can make it harder to function and cope. This can lead to poor relationships with family, friends, and peers. We can also lose control over finances.  Without proper strategies in place we search for easy, but poor ways to manage.  Violence, angry outbursts, misuse of alcohol, zoning out, tobacco use, and drug abuse lead to further problems and it is easy to see how we can spiral out of control.

People react to stress in different ways, and no one is perfect. We are in our best shape if we can have more positive reactions than negative.

You can use a list to check in with yourself from time to time to see if stress is becoming a concern.

Print this Hale Healthcare Coping Strategies List to find out.

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