April is Stress Awareness Month: Fill Up Your Glass All The Time

April is Stress Awareness Month: Fill Up Your Glass All The Time

If our ability to respond to our environment is inadequate because we do not have sufficient resources, stress will grow beyond our control and we will feel overwhelmed and out of balance. So how do we stay harmonious and able to adapt to the strong stress we may face? There is research on maintaining optimism, the healthiest places, the happiest nations, financial security, and how these factors in our stress levels.  What if you aren’t living in a field of flowers wearing rose-tinted glasses? What then?

I don’t like when I get a glass at a restaurant that isn’t filled all the way to the top. I am exceptionally thirsty this day. I do wonder if is supposed to be that way. I look around at others patrons’ table not necessarily to compare (because that isn’t what we are supposed to do if we want to avoid stress right?) but to validate and confirm that a glass half full (or half empty) is what I am supposed to accept. But then I can never really see because I am too far away from the other tables. I ask the waiter, is this the amount of beverage I am supposed to have, I would like some more I am so thirsty. The waiter never answers, but is happy to add more beverage to the glass.  I never really find out, but at least now, I have enough to make it the rest of the meal without being uncomfortable.

A newer way to view the glass with the water line in the middle may be to not view it as static. We have a glass with potential and reserves. Our glasses are not half-empty or half-full, we are constantly drinking from that glass to survive.  We need to figure out a way to fill it up so that it doesn’t completely dry up.  This might be a good way to view your stress reserves. The glass may never get full or completely empty, but there are things we can do to add back what is taken out.  Poor coping skills may add temporarily, but murky up the water eventually so it isn’t so nourishing.  With proper coping, we can constantly add to our glasses to get what we need to feel refreshed and stabilized.  We may never be able to predict what potent stress comes our way. We may never get answers to why we must deal with those stresses, but it is in our power to add to our reserves in many positive ways to keep balance.

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