Annual physical and wellness exam- ultimate Self-Care.

If you are an adult who thinks they are in good health reading this, then you need to have your annual physical and wellness examination at least every 2 years.  An annual physical is a gift you can give yourself.  This is a major form of self care.  Since everyone is on the bandwagon to take care of themselves, there is no better self care than getting a full medical check up.  Imagine, you spend time on all forms of distractions these days.  Your time is precious and you want to spend it on what is useful.  An annual physical (semi-annual for the extremely busy healthy youth) allows you to check in with your self care routines.  Has all of that meditation, yoga trials, kickboxing, and gluten-free-paleo-vegan-juice-non-dairy-clean-eating been working well for you?  Is that 87th salad you had for lunch doing you any justice? 

Don't Fool Yourself- Annual Physicals are important arsenals in staying well.

Do you know people who avoid doctors like the plague?  They believe they are doing everything the right way. They look good, they feel great! What do they ever need to go to a silly doctor for? It's just going to cost them time and money they could spend on a healing herbal smoothie.  What they don't know is what might be possible lurking beneath.  You see, those folks have every essential oil and flower Bach essence out of the specialty natural food store, but where's the evidence they check out all great? Don't fall into the trap of an illusion of health.  Of course we have the power to mind over our matters, and what about actually paying proper attention to them?

If you skip your annual physical, what might happen?

Could you do us a small favor?  Imagine an extreme scenario.  If you skipped every annual physical and never went to the doctor, what would you think life would be like? There are a few possibilities.

Door Number 1- Nothing happens if you skip your annual physical.

One possible course would be that nothing would happen.  You go on about your merry way and feel wonderful. You do this for years and maybe you have a family.  But, one day you wake up not feeling so well.  You start feeling worse and it won't go away.  Eventually, you make a decision to go to a doctor at the urging of your family.  They are very concerned.  The doctor comes in, and announces bad news.  The bad news is permanent, irreversible, and potentially deadly.  They tell you it would have been something they could have caught and fixed earlier- if only you had come in sooner.  Your family is distraught and shocked.  How does this make you feel? Pretty heavy right? Let's not think about that any longer.

Door Number 2-  You decide to get an annual physical.

Senior couple surfing the net

Another possibility is that you decide- "I absolutely need to get at least a screening annual exam, I can do that and that is how I ended up reading this." Now you have 2 choices.  You can  keep searching for a primary care doctor or go to urgent care.  Urgent care will be able to see you in the next hour or two if it isn't busy.  Now don't get me wrong, there is a place for urgent care visits.  When you are sick, run out of medication, break a bone, or get a deep cut that won't stop bleeding, urgent care is fantastic.  But, what if you go to the urgent care and they find something wrong?   Will they call you back?  If you get a prescription today, will you be able to get a refill later? Will they have time to explain what is really going on with you? Will they be able to follow up with a referral if they give you one?

Let's say you went on searching for another primary care doctor.  Would they have the time to listen to you, or would they rush in and see you for several minutes before whirling into the next room?  Will you have to sit in a drab waiting room crunched together with someone you don't know for hours?  Will a bunch of tests and medications be ordered without you understanding what they are for? Why do they need so many blood tubes anyway?

Door Number 3- You decide to come to Hale Healthcare For Your Annual Physical

Let's look at another solution. You decide to get your annual physical with us and your search stops here. We make your visit purposeful, fulfilling and simple.  We like to schedule our appointments so that the doctor can actually see you.  Imagine that.  Want to know how that could work?  It works great!

Your Annual Physical and Wellness examination includes the following:

Full Medical History

Lifestyle and Behavior Choices

Screening for Cholesterol, Diabetes, Thyroid Disease, and Liver & Kidney Function

Screening for High Blood Pressure, Depression, Anxiety

Cancer Screens

Targeted Physical Exam

Specific Recommendations Based on Your Age and Risk

Schedule your appointment today!  Do it because you want to.  Your future self will thank you :) Call 678-744-4253 or fill in the form below.

One more thing, if you know someone you who is in need of annual physical, tell them about our practice.  We will take great care of them.