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Primary Healthcare

Hale Healthcare is your destination for preventive health and chronic disease management.  Here at Hale, we promote the power of healthy living.  We will be your healthcare partners helping you to reach your health goals.

HALE: HEALTHY and STRONG. Free from defect, disease, or infirmity. Retaining exceptional health and vigor

We operate on a Direct fee Primary Care model (DPC), which most people are not familiar with but may be a great option for them. DPC simply removes the middleman (insurance companies) from the doctor-patient relationship and decision making process. By removing the insurance companies from the equation, it opens the opportunity for patients to spend more time with their doctor and have better care. What sets us apart is we do not have to operate by seeing as many patients as possible in the shortest amount of time. The results are unhurried office visits, improved access directly to your doctor, and come into the office only when you need to (straight-forward and uncomplicated issues could be resolved through phone, text, or email).  It is the way primary care should be.

To schedule an appointment, please call 678-744-4253

We accept credit card payments at time of service. We do not process insurance claims and we can help you with paperwork to file with your insurance company so you get reimbursed as soon as possible.

120 North Medical Parkway Building 100 Suite 201 Woodstock, GA 30189


Healthcare for the proactive adult.


Healthy living.


Respectful of and responsive to your preferences, needs, and values.

Why Us

Personal Relationship

You will get to see the same doctor your first visit and every visit!

Welcoming Atmosphere

A warm and friendly staff and office.


Multiple services available onsite and remote consultations.

Personalized Care

We’ll find out what matters most to you.

Health Investment

We focus on prevention and control of illness to avoid expensive medical tests & facilities to allow you more time and money to get back to your life.
Join Us: No-Insurance? Primary Care Is Available. We Also Accept Liberty HealthShare and Blue Cross Blue Shield. Call Us 678-744-4253 or Schedule a Tour Today!

Holistic Health Exams

Personal Health Plans

Women's Health

Tobacco Cessation

Behavior Change

Thyroid Function Disorders

Asthma Control

Same Day Lab Results

Men's Health

Emotional Wellness

Sleep Health

Stress Reduction

High Blood Pressure

Diabetes Care

Weight Control

Adult Vaccines


Alcohol & Drug Use Reduction

Meet the Talents

Meet Team Hale

Dr. Lá-Shaun Elliott - MD, MPH

Dr. Lá-Shaun Elliott - MD, MPH

Your Primary Care Doctor
Dr. Lá-Shaun Elliott is the founding physician of Hale Healthcare, a medical practice that looks to challenge the status quo of a doctors visit.
Kim Carter

Kim Carter

Patient Specialist
Kim Carter is your patient advocate at Hale Healthcare.  She sees to it that your visit goes as smooth as possible.
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Hale Healthcare is a Direct Primary Care facility.  Yes, we are different.  That’s because we are always looking to provide better care.  Discover a new approach to health.

Learn why we are the right fit for you.

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